Hit by A Staggering $57 Million Dollar Suit, Power Balance is Expected to Go Banktrupt

Posted on November 21, 2011

The company behind the now unpopular Power Balance wristbands is allegedly being forced to pay the high sum of $57 million dollars to a large number of very upset consumers.

Several news outlets have stated the news regarded as a great victory for various classes of consumers all over the globe.

The athletic bracelets could never truly prove the many things the company promised those who purchased this item. Because the idea of enhancing the body’s natural energy couldn’t be backed up by any scientific source, the claims of dubious hopes were allegedly perpetuated among the public and the grand jury.

The power balance lawsuit filed back in January forced the bracelet maker to offer a public statement announcing the bracelets had no proven capacities to deliver what the manufacturers promised.

News agencies have reported that by september, $1 million dollars had to be given to the consumers who filed the power balance class action lawsuit.

I, a Los Angeles product liability lawyer know that fraudulent advertisement can be a disrespectful form of a neglecting business practice.

Don’t ever let yourself be the victim of a company that doesn’t respect consumers. Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so you can be represented by the best in your area.

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