High Levels Of Arsenic And Lead Allegedly Found In Juices, Consumer Reports Announces

Posted on November 30, 2011

Many different news sources have notified the last investigation launched by the Consumer Reports staffers regarding grape and apple juices purchased in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

According to the statement released by the agency, the levels of both lead and arsenic found in samples of both juices are higher than government permitted limits. There were 88 different samples that the Consumer Reports staffers set aside for testing. Results showed that 25 percent of all the samples had levels of lead that unfortunately were higher than 5 ppb limit for any bottled water allowed by the FDA and 10 percent presented levels of arsenic that surpassed the federal drinking-water standards.

The inorganic arsenic apprehended with the tests happens to be classified as a human carcinogen. Additional reports show that an analysis from the National Center for Health Statistics’ National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggesting such juices were tested and found to be some of the main sources of the arsenic found in the diets of survey contributors.

According to testimonials from several physicians, the chronic exposure to lead and arsenic may cause serious and even life-threatening health issues to consumers. The Consumer Reports agency urges the FDA to set clear standards for the presence of lead and arsenic in fruit juices in the U.S. so high levels of possibly hazardous substances can be kept away from consumers.

Any Los Angeles wrongful death attorney understands that regulations should be austere for food and beverages companies. As a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles I hope that the FDA will investigate this matter thoroughly.

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