Group Allegedly Wants I-69 Closed Down until Better Regulated

Posted on November 9, 2011

According to different news sources, the Interstate 69 has been seeing many longtime opponents speaking up against the many accidents the speedy construction has allegedly caused.

The project to get the highway ready has been the alleged main cause for three different fatalities and other four people being left injured. Members of the Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads, Inc. known as CARR, say that the rush to have this highway finished has increased the risks for everybody. The group is calling the contractors that are behind the construction to close it down until proper safety measures can be put in place.

All roads near the 1-69 pose accident hazards to drivers, according to a CARR member. A junction allegedly close to the problematic construction sight that lacks proper warning signs. According to the article, even speed limit signs have been covered up.

Reports from the Indiana Department of Transportation show however that the construction of the I-69 presents no major issues. CARR supporters aren’t exactly happy with the announcement from INDOT so they issued a call to the INDOT to cease construction and impose a new safety ordinance.

Officials claim they are working on addressing all issues brought up by CARR.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I understand that an unsafe construction site may pose as severe threats to all drivers. Personal injury lawyers wish the authorities will take care of this issue and make the region around I-69 a safer one.

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