Going Beyond The Law Requirements When it Comes To Bike Safety Should Be the Norm

Posted on November 23, 2011

When it comes to Bike safety, going beyond what the law requires is what every rider should do, especially when it comes to riding your bicycle during the nighttime, the news says.

During the winter and fall seasons, most riders know they will have to face a lot of biking in the dark. This fact alone poses a great threat to riders and pedestrians. For many states, the law requires that bicycle riders must be visible in the dark by utilizing a rear red reflector light and a front-facing light, but many bikers go beyond that.

Bicycle commuters in Oregon have used sidelights beyond the required light options, for a long time. One of the most popular items is the spoke light that has a stripped effect when the bicycle’s wheels are turning.

Some riders prefer to adhere to the yellow and green jackets that are great for day use and can be reflective during the nighttime. Bikers, for protection, should also wear helmets covered with high visibility colorful reflective stripes.

As a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer, I urge all bikers to understand that if they own the right gear to ride during this darker season, the probability of accidents will diminish greatly.

Bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles are unfortunately very familiar with tragic accidents involving bikers and vehicles. Don’t hesitate in contacting a personal injury lawyer right away if you’re ever the victim of an accident while riding your bicycle.


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