GM Offers Free Loaner To Volt Owners During Batteries Investigation

Posted on November 30, 2011

The recent coverage of the several issues GM has allegedly had to deal with involving Volt batteries have made some car owners fear for the quality of the batteries in their own cars, according to the news. Recent house fires and federal crash tests have triggered a national discussion on GM’s new electrical endeavor.

GM is reportedly taking several steps to correct the issues with the Volt batteries and keep owners safe from possible fires. While the federal regulators work along GM to come to a common ground concerning the defected batteries, the carmaker is assuring all owners will have a free loaner until the problems are eradicated.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the batteries that recently caught fire after crash tests. Although Chevrolet and GM agree on the safety of the electrical car, they admit that an extensive study should be undertaken so the safety of the novelty vehicle can be assured to all.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I notify readers that according to the reports, GM will be sending letters to all owners addressing the issue. Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles urge all Volt owners to contact the manufacturer in the case of any other queries regarding the hazardous battery.

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