Exposing her Experience, Crash Survivor Hopes To Educate Drivers

Posted on November 14, 2011

According to recent news articles, the State of Alabama is looking for a better way to turn their highways into safer places for all drivers. Reports show that State Highway officials have been holding meetings to discuss the matter that affects thousands of people every day.

Officials say that in the year of 2005, over a thousand individuals have been the victims of roadway crashes. In the year of 2010, something like 800 were fatally struck on state roads. That at least proves that there has been a 26 percent drop in fatal accidents on the State of Alabama, still local authorities want to achieve a more dramatic drop of fatal accidents.

While the State is looking to bring awareness and safety to the major public, a woman who was the victim of a tragic accident involving distracted driving speaks out about road safety.

According to the news source, the woman was driving with her parents when a distracted young driver crossed their path. After the crash, the young woman’s parents were found to be dead while she barely made it through herself.  Now, she’s an advocate for road safety and works hard to show the country that distracted driving must have an ending and that education is the only way to resolve this.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney I urge all to pay close attention when driving, especially in crossroads. Remember that accidents can be deadly and that severe injuries can damage us all greatly, in the time of need contact a personal injury lawyer that will assist you the whole way.

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