Expanded Recall To Liebherr Refrigerators, Doors Come Detached

Posted on November 23, 2011

News outlets have reported a recent announcement from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stating that the refrigerators manufactured by the Liebherr company had to be recalled due to an issue regarding the appliance’s door.

Consumers were reporting accidents involving the doors of the freestanding refrigerators. According to the reports, they were simply coming detached unexpectedly. Individuals who allegedly suffered injuries say they were completely unaware of this issue since the product worked fine up until the moment the doors would fall.

The reports from the CPSC state that over 8,000 units should have been out of the market since March of 2011.

As a Los Angeles product liability attorney I hope that all recalled items were completely taken from the consumers’ homes. Appliances that could cause serious harm to you or a loved one must be taken seriously. Remember to always come back to this blog to read about the recall news nationwide. Any product that may pose a health hazard will be commented on our blog.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles are ready to answer all your questions related to any case of product liability whenever you feel like you’re the victim of the negligence of a major company. Don’t take too long to contact your attorney, the faster is always the better.

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