Equal Access to All Bikes is a Necessity

Posted on November 29, 2011

Local news outlets in Colorado report the necessity of many bicycle riders to make city officials understand the necessity of making the access to roadways equal to all different types of bicycles, even when it comes to ‘e-bikes’.

According to cyclists, the term e-bike refers to the electric pedal-assisted bicycle that allows the rider to extend their scope while riding throughout the city. The e-bikes are starting to become more popular in places where bikers need to ride up and down different hills.

The acceptance and admission of these new types of bikes will place all bike-friendly cities among the safest ones as well. City officials and communities alike need to understand the need for safer roads where educated drivers and riders will be able to share the space and watch out for one another.

As a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer I hope that cyclists and drivers will be able to continue to learn with one another and abide by the law that demands all to share the road they’re traveling on.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles will always be ready to answer your questions related to bicycle accidents caused by distracted or imprudent drivers. Don’t hesitate to contact one in your area whenever it’s necessary.


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