Entertainment Goliath AEG Allegedly Blamed For Michael Jackson’s Death

Posted on November 10, 2011

Brian Panish of Panish | Shea | Ravipudi LLP was quoted this week in the Los Angeles Times about the Micheal Jackson case. News outlets showed Michael Jackson’s doctor sentenced for involuntary manslaughter after a long trial. The goal of the singer’s family however is to bring light to an even higher power behind the star’s death: Los Angeles entertainment Goliath, the Anschutz Entertainment Group.

The pop star’s mother and children have moved on to a wrongful death suit after a conclusion of the criminal case was obtained. The defendant, the promoter of Michael Jackson’s ruined comeback tour otherwise known as AEG live and the plaintiff, Jackson’s family, are set for trial in September.

Most of the same queries presented at the criminal trial involving Dr. Conrad Murray will be brought forward once again: the singer’s performance anxiety, the drug propofol and the medical selection Jackson was exposed to.

Since the Judge has ruled areas of the criminal case immaterial to the role played by Murray, the coming proceedings hope to delve into the pop star’s years of drug problems and the state of his finances.

According to Brian Panish, Jackson family’s Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, “the conviction of Dr. Murray is just the beginning of bringing forth the truth on what happened to Michael Jackson, forces much larger than Dr. Murray were involved in this tragedy.”

The allegedly heartless business drive was the one thing, according to sources, that furnished the tragedy the pop star’s death represented to his family and fans. The greed behind the Entertainment Goliath’s drive forced the singer to go forth with a project he couldn’t keep up with. This stress placed on Jackson’s shoulders pushed him to rely on Dr. Murray’s assistance.

According to sources close to the Jacksons, AEG claimed they would file lawsuits against the singer if he eventually abandoned the tour. That would put a definitive end to Jackson’s career.

The wrongful death lawsuit being filed by the mother and children of Michael Jackson does not mention the name of Dr. Murray; they’re convinced AEG bears major responsibility. Jackson’s attorney has stated that civil jurors will have the opportunity to learn about the relationship between the singer and AEG in depth, his dependency on the Entertainment Giant and his severe financial problems.

Many topics kept away from the criminal trial will be brought to light so jurors can identify the real forces behind this horrible tragedy.

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