Elder Abuse Must Be Reported By All

Posted on November 22, 2011

According to the news outlets from the state of Tennessee, all state residents are obliged by law to report any type of child abuse they have witnessed in any circumstance.

Articles assure that any elder abuse a resident has witnessed must also be reported as soon as possible. All adults who are mentally or physically impaired and all senior citizen are protected under the law. Any abuse directed toward these adults must be reported to the authorities and if not, the witness may suffer severe criminal implications.

Most of the abuse cases inflicted upon adults and elders are investigated by the Adult Protective Services. Anybody who reports a case will have their identity kept in complete confidentiality.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, I hope that this will serve as an example to California residents as well. We must remember that our vulnerable population, children or frail adults deserve this protection and attention. Neglecting the reality won’t make it better.

Personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles are unfortunately very familiar with cases related to the fatal neglect of elders in nursing homes and other facilities allegedly dedicated to the care of frail adults. Hopefully, this sad reality will change after the hard work of the Adult Protective Services.

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