Dog Food Alert, Chicken Strips Investigated By The FDA

Posted on November 30, 2011

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently released a warning regarding a certain type of chicken jerky products that can pose serious health hazards for dogs, according to recent news.

The products allegedly under investigation are many times marketed as chicken tenders, treats or strips. The increasing number of complaints regarding the several canine maladies caused by the consumption of such treats has led the FDA to look into the matter carefully.

According to the news and the FDA, the possibly contaminated product is imported from China. Some of the possible health issues related to these products include Fanconi syndrome (the increase of sugar in dog’s blood) and kidney failure. Some of the sick animals sustain certain symptoms like vomiting, decreased activity, diarrhea and increased water consumption.

As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, I hope all pet owners in the state of California will be extremely careful whenever they purchase treats and other dog products that may have been produced in China.

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers hold your health and the health of your loved ones as a priority. Remember to return regularly to our blog for the latest news on food and other product recalls that may prevent you from having any future health problems.

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