CPSC issues a Recall Alert for Shattering Glass Bowls

Posted on November 3, 2011

According to different news sources, a health report from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that a recall alert was issued for over 18,000 glass bowls and containers that shatter under abrupt temperature changes. The allegedly dangerous products were all manufactured by the Ohi-based Libbey Glass and have mostly been sold to commercial food service establishments. The commission states however that some of these products have been sold to consumers nationwide.

There have been a few reports about glassware that shattered unexpectedly. In one case a mother and a daughter allegedly suffered many burns and cuts after their baking glassware was retrieved from a 350-degrees oven.

Reports demonstrated that there were more than 120 cases showing similar injuries caused by bowls that couldn’t handle the changes in temperature. In the past there were over 300 reports of serious injuries caused by glassware manufactured by a different brand that also shattered suddenly. A staggering number of 60 among those cases involved burn and cut injuries. Personal injury lawyers could be of great help to those victims.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I agree with the statement from the Commission urging consumers to stop the use of Libbey Glass bowls and return them to the place they purchased it for a full refund. According to the report from the CPSC, If you’re the owner of a establishment that used Libey Glass, contact the company and arrange for the product destruction.

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