Collisions With Wildlife More Common This Time of The Year

Posted on November 9, 2011

According to many news outlets, this is the time of the year when collisions with deer happen unfortunately more often. This type of cash can be dangerous not only to the animal, but mostly to the driver, passengers and everyone else going down the road when the accident happens.

Whenever there’s a collision between a car and a deer, the impact is so devastating most people don’t believe their eyes. The damages caused to a vehicle may cost an average of $3,171 according to and other sources.

Because of the great danger an animal-vehicle collision may cause to drivers, property and wildlife, all motorists should be especially careful this time of the year. All should take some precautions like watching for deer whenever you’re driving around dawn and slowing down between 6 and 9p.m., which are the most active hours for wildlife around the roads. Be always aware of wooded areas and deer-crossing signs, whenever driving at night and if traffic allows it, use your high beams for a better visibility.

In the case of encountering an animal on the road ahead, try to brake instead of swerving since trying to go around the animal may confuse it and might put other vehicles at risk.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I hope that all drivers will be extremely careful when driving during this season. Personal injury lawyers are always apt to answer to all doubts related to your personal injury case whenever you were involved in an accident that was caused by someone else.

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