City Officials Promote Bicycle Safety

Posted on November 9, 2011

According to many news sources, Lafayette Parish has seen many of its residents being involved in bicycle crashes in the past 5 years, 344 to be exact. Residents have seen 18 of these crashes resulting in severe injuries and 7 fatal incidents. According to city officials, people are fed up. Awareness must be brought to the locals so this staggering number of casualties will be a thing of the past.

Local news articles have reported that the city is getting many measures done to bring awareness to the bicycle safety issue. Education is the number one priority at this stage. The public must be aware of the laws and aware of how to deal with cyclists when driving down the road.

Education for bicyclists is also a priority. Bikers should never ride against the traffic, according to an official. Headlamps and flashing red tail lamps are important when riding during nighttime and, as far as motorist’s education goes, drivers should be aware of their vehicle power: the car must be three feet away from the cyclists when passing them.

After education, biker friendly paths will be increased, according to local reports. The city hopes to prevent possible accidents in the future.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I hope that Lafayette Parish may be successful in bringing awareness to its residents, drivers or riders alike. Bicycle safety is a major priority for my fellow personal injury lawyers and me.

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