Cases Of Elder Abuse May Also Involve Financial Fraud

Posted on November 30, 2011

Many news outlets across the country are reporting a recent case of elder abuse related to financial fraud.

The case everybody has been talking about involved an elder who was the victim of Credit Card theft. The alleged thief happened to be the one caregiver who reportedly watched over the senior after she found herself recovering from surgery.

According to the authorities, the thief allegedly used a card that was furnished under the elder woman’s name but that was never used by her before. Authorities say the thief spent over $8,000.

The representative from the Adult Protective Services has stated that financial fraud related to elders is very common and that a few precautionary steps should be taken so this problem won’t continue to happen.

Being in constant contact with the bank is a good way to have credit cards closely monitored.  In the case of a senior citizen who has the same types of expenses every month, the bank should always detect an alarming and unexpected number of large purchases registered under their cards.

As a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles, I understand that elder abuse goes beyond financial fraud. Physical abandonment, assault and neglect are the most common forms of abuse against the elder community and they’re constantly being reported.

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers urge you to always contact the authorities if you know of any case of elder abuse, don’t hesitate.

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