Buffalo Chicken Wedge Sandwiches Recalled Due to Milk Allergen

Posted on November 21, 2011

The early news articles report an announcement from the FDA claiming that the Maumee Valley Vending Company has issued an allergy alert and recall due to undeclared milk in the Buffalo Chicken Wedge Sandwiches containing cheese. These products contain milk allergen without stating it clearly on their labels.

The company is issuing this voluntary recall along with the alert because the label did not show milk as one of the items in their ingredients and that could cause severe health risks to many consumers. The reports from the FDA show that the company has produced exact 350 sandwiches with this mislabeling issue, which have the code CLF103 11/21 printed on the plastic triangular containers that preserve the sandwiches.

This particular issue was discovered after the FDA investigated many products due to suspicion of incorrect or misleading labeling. There have been no illnesses reported that were directly linked to this product so far, however all consumers who have a severe milk allergy may run the risk of having their health seriously threatened by allergic reactions after eating the recalled product.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, I urge all consumers to pay close attention to packaged food products that might present issues to your health. Personal injury lawyers can be extremely helpful whenever you feel like you’ve been neglected in a personal injury case.

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