Bicyclist/Pedestrian Study to Determine Solutions For Road Safety Issues

Posted on November 18, 2011

Various news sources have announced that the UA-area study is looking forward to make the campus and the entire surrounding region safer for pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

The necessity for a safer environment is the response to a recent accident involving a bicyclist who happened to be a student being struck by a vehicle. The UA along with the Pima Association of Governments are funding a study that will collect data regarding cyclists, pedestrians and the risks to their safety. The study is called UA Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Study.

During the time the study is underway, bike counts, surveys, pedestrian traffic data etc, will be gathered so collisions will be prevented and the infrastructure of the roads will be ameliorated for an overall safer experience.

Safety is a priority for the community when it comes to bikers and pedestrians sharing the road with vehicles. The study is allegedly trying to come up with answers to safety questions that do not seem to ever get answered.

I, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer hope that more studies can furnish the solutions for safer roads in the future. Personal injury lawyers can be greatly helpful when it comes to road safety.

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