Bicycle Bash promotes Awareness

Posted on November 2, 2011

According to news sources, there’s a bicycle bash scheduled for November 6th in Tampa Bay, Florida, to promote awareness, safety and bring drivers and riders together so all may learn to share the road.

The event, promoted by a local alliance of 12 different Tampa Bay bicycle stores, aims to educate teenagers and adults regarding bicycling with safety and responsibility in the State of Florida.

Bicycling has become a hot topic for residents in the State since the activities have increased in the region in the past five years. Alleged concerns over bike-related accidents have also increased, proving that this is the perfect time for this type of event.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer I would love to see more of these initiatives Nationwide. Bicycle safety is a major priority since distracted people sharing the road may threaten drivers and bikers. The prevention of accidents begins with the proper education. Safety and road sharing qualities must be learned by all.

Accidents with bikes are more common than you think so if you ever find yourself involved in a similar accident, contact a personal injury lawyer right away. The faster you contact them, the easier it is for a lawyer to help you.

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