Awareness must be Raised regarding Sharing the Road Law

Posted on November 7, 2011

According to various news sources, a biker who has survived a horrible hit-and-run accident hopes to use his experience as a way of informing drivers of the threats they may be posing by not sharing the road properly.

The accident involving the biker happened after he was hit by a passing vehicle, thrown into a parked car’s window and severely injured. With his jugular vein severed by the contact with the sharp glass, the biker called for help and then passed out with no help from the driver who hit him.

The victim states that he believes drivers don’t understand the power their vehicles have. Authorities report that it might have been either a speeding truck or SUV that swiped the man’s bicycle as he tried to make it to work. The man allegedly crashed head-first into the read of the car shattering its window.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I urge all cyclists to pay extreme attention to the traffic surrounding them but mostly, I urge all drivers to never leave the scene of an accident.

Remember that sharing the road is the law and that motorists should be completely aware of how powerful their vehicles can be. Victims of similar accidents should contact a personal injury lawyer as fast as they can.

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