Another Toyota Recall Issued, Possible Steering Problems

Posted on November 9, 2011

It was brought to our attention that Toyota has issued a recall for 420,000 cars in the United States after they noted a possible steering problem with some of their vehicles.

News outlets have reported that this is a safety recall to replace something that the company has named the crankshaft pulley that is part of the V6 engine.  So far, the problematic steering malfunction affects 550,000 cars worldwide, if not immediately corrected the outer ring and inner ring of the pulley will eventually become misaligned, which will cause noises and lights to signal warnings.

According to the official reports, even the belt for the steering pump can become detached and the wheel may become hard to be turned. Injuries or serious accidents have not been reported regarding this issue according to an official release from Toyota.

This is yet another recall for Toyota. Since September 2009, the company has issued over 13 million product recalls nationwide.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer I urge all car owners to be specifically aware of possible recalls involving the brands of vehicles they own. Many personal injury lawyers are familiar with cases related to drivers who couldn’t control their vehicle due to technical difficulties that should have been prevented by a quality inspection from the carmakers.

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