Truckers May Face Cell Phone Ban

Posted on October 4, 2011

At the beginning of September, a notice was issued by National Transportation Safety Board stating that all the 3.7 million commercial drivers in the United States should not be allowed to use cellphones while driving, according to news reports.

Studies were conducted and results were administered by the National Transportation Safety Board that clearly showed that most of the road side accidents in the country were caused by drivers that were using cellphones while driving.

The decision of the NTSB to forbid all truck drivers from using cellphones and other devices while driving is expected to reduce crash fatalities, as these large vehicles have been shown to cause the most damage.

The announcement comes after a truck crash that happened in Kentucky took 11 lives. The driver has been proven to have been talking on his cell phone in the moments leading up to the crash. Records indicate that the truck driver used his cell phone 69 times in the 24 hours before the accident occurred.

As a Los Angeles car accident attorney, I hope that new laws will decrease the number of fatalities on the roadway. A cell phone ban may seem harsh, but in my experience as a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen how a distracted driver can cause tragedy on the roadway.

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