Protect Your Car’s Exterior and Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Posted on October 18, 2011

Halloween is often associated with sweet treats, but sometimes the tricks are not as fun, especially if they affect your personal property. Cars have been known to commonly be egged, marked with silly string, or covered with pumpkin innards. This can damage the car paint, lowering the resale value of your car.

Car experts know that these substances, as well as bird droppings and bug splatters can seriously damage your car’s exterior, especially when left in the sun. According to auto experts, following these tips can help save your cars coat:

-Be on the defense with a coat of wax as protection. This can also help against sand, road grime, and salt that is associated with driving in colder weather.

-Park your car in a garage or use a cover on Halloween.

-If you do get bombed on Halloween, rinse on the residue and then wash the car.

-It’s also recommended to keep a small bottle of car wash solution  mixed with water in your car for those small messes.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I hope that you and your car stay safe this upcoming holiday. For other tips on Halloween safety from the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at our law firm, please visit this blog regularly.

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