PG&E Not Up to Federal Standards

Posted on October 5, 2011

Pacific Gas and Electric Co’s safety systems have called for concern from federal investigators due to poor record keeping, according to recent news reports.

And expert on pipeline safety said, “The system that is used in Pacific Gas and Electric CO.’s transmission system for gas and fuel is flawed in such a way that it doesn’t have the ability to detect any kind of faults if present.” The statement comes after a deadly explosion last year in San Bruno, California.

The National Transportation Safety Board has reported that PG&E has been unable to manage their transmission lines in the past and have not been able to develop a better system in recent months.

The investigation found that they have many faults in the handling of their operational system, leading to dangerous conditions for workers, citizens, and homes near their pipelines.

As a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney, the lack of organization that federal investigators are reporting is of great concern to me, especially after the pipeline explosion that occurred as a result of poor maintenance and records in 2010. As a personal injury lawyer, I hope that PG&E is able to come up with a better system for the safety of everyone affected by their pipelines.

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