Halloween Pumpkin Carving Safety

Posted on October 12, 2011

As Halloween approaches, the emergency room physicians see a significant increase in culinary knife accidents resulting from pumpkin carving, according to recent news sources.

“The most common accidents associated with pumpkin carving are stab wounds to the fingers and palm,” said a New York hand surgeon. It’s often the index finger that’s punctured, causing damage to tendons, nerves, or arteries.

Due to their slippery and tough nature, pumpkin carving can pose a real danger to carvers. In order to avoid a gash this holiday, follow these tips:

-Specialty tools can help you cut a pumpkin better than a kitchen knife and they’re also not as sharp, resulting in less serious injuries. They also have better control, which makes for a better looking pumpkin!

-Medical professionals recommend that you carve the face of the pumpkin before cutting a hole in the top, so you don’t stick your hand inside, which could lead to a cut.

-Don’t allow your children to carve pumpkins. A study published in a pediatric journal reported that the most accidents that occur during Halloween are to kids ages 10 to 14. Instead of carving, let them help out with a marker by drawing the pattern.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I hope that these tips help you and your family enjoy a safe and fun holiday. In my experience as a product defect lawyer, I know that preventing accidents can help you and your family avoid suffering and tragedy down the road.

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