Group Lotus Issues Recall for their 2005/6 Vehicles

Posted on October 31, 2011

According to various news sources, the Group Lotus has issued a recall for over 5,000 vehicles. Reports state that because of a potential issue with the oil cooling line, a Lotus vehicle could allegedly be involved in a fire accident. The Lotus Group has reported that this particular issue is present in 2005 and 2006 models only that specifically come from the United States. Lotus cars from other parts of the World do not present these problems.

Lotus Cars USA has stated that any Lotus’ driver who owns one of the models stated above should bring their vehicle to the closest dealership for possible repair, cost free. The company has stated in it official open letter that the pending issue with the oil cooler allegedly may cause leaks in all of the vehicles made by them before October 2006.

Although there weren’t any reports on injuries caused by this technical condition, the company is focused on clearing any issues the vehicles may present because of problems that come from its production process.

As a Los Angeles car accident attorney, I urge all readers to watch out for any signs of malfunctions in your vehicle that might end up posing as a heath threat to those who drive them. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you ever find yourself in an incident related to a similar situation.

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