Distracted Driving Safety Summit Focuses on Text Disabling Apps

Posted on October 21, 2011

At the National Organization for Youth Safety’s teen distracted driving summit this week, participants discussed technology as a tool to curb distracted driving, according to recent news sources.

The summit occurred in Washington, D.C. The participants discussed the smart-phone apps which disable texting and send messages to those trying to contact someone behind the wheel, notifying them of their driving status. Sprint has an app which disables texting at speeds over 10 mph, and AT&T has a user-activated app which also disables the texting feature. SafeApp was another similar application shown at the NOYS event.

Each of the apps have pros and cons. Some, like the Sprint app, will disable texting while on other transportation systems like buses, which is inconvenient to the user. Others drain the battery significantly.

As  Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I hope that phone carriers will continue to be involved in making phones safer while their customers are behind the wheel. In my experience as a Los Angeles car accident attorney, I’ve seen the devastation distracted driving can cause. I urge drivers to make the right choice and put down the phone when driving. The power to prevent crashes caused by texting is literally in your hands.

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