Study Shows Banned Weight-Loss Supplement Still for Sale

Posted on September 19, 2011

A recent study showed that many women are still using a weight-loss product called Pai You Guo that was recalled in 2009 because they never heard about the recall, according to news sources.

Pai You Guo is a Chinese product that contains sibutramine and phenolphthalein, both of which are banned. The FDA found that sibutramine increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, while phenolphthalein is a carcinogen.

In a study by Harvard Medical School, 61 percent of women who used the product said they bought Pai You Guo after the recall was announced. None of them were aware that the supplement had been recalled. Of the women, 66 percent said they received the product from someone they knew, 30 percent got it from a U.S. store, and nine percent got it online. Pai You Guo is marketed as natural, though it’s a concoction of banned drugs.

As a product defect lawyer in Los Angeles, this issue is of great concern to me. People often believe that “natural” product labels mean that it’s safe. Weight-loss supplements in general are not safe, and the researchers who conducted this study warn against them. As a product liability lawyer, I encourage consumers to thoroughly research any type of drug they are considering putting in their body, whether it’s prescribed or over-the-counter. Please continue to visit this site regularly so you can keep informed about product recalls.

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