Crib Safety Tips for Parents

Posted on September 6, 2011

The cost of being a new parent can be overwhelming, and it is common for parents to acquire products secondhand, as products for infants are usually only used for a short time before they’re no longer necessary. But before you accept a hand-me-down crib or buy one secondhand, make sure it follows safety guidelines and isn’t on this list of recalled baby products, suggests a children’s furniture owner.

The mother of two advises that the crib is the last thing you want to skimp on. After a recent recall of two-million “drop-sided” cribs, parents should heed this warning. The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that these cribs with moveable side rails can break, leaving a gap that can lead to head entrapment, which causes infant strangulation or suffocation, according to reports.

While some used cribs are safe, be sure to make sure they’re not missing any parts or screws that may have gotten lost in the transition from someone else’s home to your own.

As a product defect lawyer, consumer and child safety is my number one priority. I know that even with all of the rules and regulations imposed on product manufacturers, things can still go wrong and sometimes companies even put profit before safety. If you or a loved one has been affected by a hazardous product for children, please do not hesitate to call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer right away. The longer you wait the more chance you have of losing evidence for your potential product liability case.

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