CPSC to Lead Summit for Consumer Product Safety

Posted on September 26, 2011

 The United State Consumer Product Safety Commission is holding the First North America Consumer Product Safety Summit today and tomorrow, according to news sources.

The summit is taking place in Bethesda, Maryland, at Consumer Product Safety Commission Headquarters.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission hopes this will provide a chance for leaders of safety in the United States, Mexico, and Canada to get together and share their visions for increased consumer safety for the year, as well as in cooperation with one another. They also hope to create a plan for future communication regarding the safety priorities of the three countries.

The summit will be public and include question and answer sessions. The CPSC has listed topics to be covered as:

  • Managing Global Supply and Distribution Chains to Protect Consumers
  • Emerging Product Safety Issues and the Importance of International Coordination
  • Importance of Regulatory Coordination for Safety, Prosperity and Competitiveness in North America
  • Managing Consumer Product Safety Requirements in Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Private Sector Efforts on Standards Alignment

Panelists will be answering audience questions, as well as questions sent via email.

As a product defect lawyer in Los Angeles, I am very happy to see our country working together with those in close proximity in order to promote safety for all consumers. Being so close, our products and concerns often overlap, so it’s important that we work together. As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I hope that this meeting result in safer products for consumers.

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