CPSC to Educate Toy Makers About Safety

Posted on September 15, 2011

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is preparing a campaign that will educate toy makers about new rules regarding the safety of toys, according to news sources.

The new regulations were passed July 20 and will go into effect December 31, 2011. The rules require toy makers to certify their products were tested by a third-party lab that is CPSC accredited. A certificate will be required to be presented for each toy.

“Accrediting laboratories may not sound like much, but putting in place procedures that will require meaningful, independent third-party toy testing is a vital and necessary part of the process of providing parents with much greater peace of mind when standing in the toy store and when watching their children at play,” stated a CPSC chairman.

The commission has planned a three-stage education and outreach campaign, specifically targeting small businesses.

As a Los Angles personal injury lawyer, I’m happy to see stricter rules being imposed on manufacturers, especially when it involves children and their safety. My experience as a product liability lawyer has shown me that it is absolutely imperative that products for children be safe, and I think further testing will help ensure that no child is injured or killed by an unsafe product.

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