Cosmetic Product Contains Dangerous Mercury Levels

Posted on September 7, 2011

A skin-lightening cream from Mexico contained 8% mercury, compared to the FDA limit of 1 part per million, according to a recent news article.

The FDA allows for 1 part per million when it comes to mercury, and 8% is much higher than that.

The cream is called Aguamary and is used to lighten the appearance of one’s pigmentation, and is also marketed as an acne and blemish treatment.

The Director of Health in Laredo, Texas recommends against using any product that lists mercury as an ingredient or doesn’t list any ingredients, especially if it’s imported.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning include nervousness, tremors, weakness, sweating excessively, memory loss, pins and needles sensations in extremities, mental illness, and loss in hearing, vision, or taste, among other symptoms. Long term exposure to mercury can have serious, life-long consequences. Pregnant women and children are at a higher risk.

If you have a cosmetic product that includes mercury as an ingredient, or if it lacks a label, you should throw the product out in a sealed plastic bag. Wash any body part that came into contact with the product.  If you used the product over a long period of time, you should see your doctor to arrange for a mercury poisoning test.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, if you or a loved one has been injured because of mercury poisoning, I suggest you seek medical attention right away. It can also be just as important to contact a product liability lawyer as soon as possible because you may be entitled to monetary compensation as a result of getting injured because of a defective or recalled product. You should also remember that the longer you take to contact someone about your case the more chance you have to lose evidence.

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