Chinese Wolfberry Product Recalled Due to Undeclared Sulfites

Posted on September 16, 2011

Strong America, Ltd NY has issued a recall for its Huipu Chinese Wolfberry products because they contain undeclared sulfites, according to news reports.

The product comes in a clear plastic package and is 5.28 ounces. It was distributed in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Albany. The presence of sulfites was discovered during routine inspection by the Department of Agriculture and Market Food Inspectors.

Those who have sulfite sensitivity could develop life-threatening reactions if they consume this product. In some asthmatics, eating products with 10 milligrams of sulfite per serving is enough to cause extreme reactions. If asthmatics consume more than 10 milligrams per serving, anaphylactic shock is a possibility reaction.

No allergic reactions have been reported yet, but if you’ve purchased this product you are encouraged to return it for a refund from your place of purchase.

As a product defect lawyer in Los Angeles, I have seen food recalls like this one and know that, with as much testing goes into food products before manufacturers send them to market, mistakes can still be made. Although our product liability law firm does not handle these type of cases there are food recall lawyers out there that can help your or a loved one if you have been effected by a recall such as this one.

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