ASPCA Advises Against Dogs in Pickup Beds

Posted on September 27, 2011

Although traveling with your canine friends in the back of a pickup truck may seem easy and convenient, and perhaps even fun for the dog, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals strongly warns against it, according to recent news sources.

“When you drive with a loose dog in the back of your truck, you’re taking a huge risk and placing your dog and other motorists in danger,” says the vice president of a regional AAA. “Even if a dog is trained, we’re talking about an animal who responds to stimuli on impulse. This irresponsible decision can start a deadly chain reaction on the road.”

The practice of transporting unrestrained pets in low-sided truck beds has been outlawed in California, New Hampshire, and Indianapolis, Cheyenne, and Miami-Dade.

As a car accident attorney, I hope that all pet owners will take steps to restrain their pets, both for the safety of the animal as well as for the safety of other drivers. In my experience as a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I’ve realized that often accidents are caused by external factors, such as maintenance issues or road blockages. By making sure you are keeping your pet safe, you are also keeping other motorists and yourself safe.

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