Umarex USA Recalls Air Pistol Due to Unexpected Firing Risk

Posted on August 16, 2011

In a news release Tuesday, Umarex USA Inc., announced in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the voluntary recall of approximately 9,500 air pistols due to a risk of unexpected firing.

Subject to recall are all Browning Mag 800 Air pistols that have a faulty safety, which under myriad circumstance will allow the gun to discharge unexpectedly, posing a risk of serious injury to the user and bystanders. Fort Smith, Ark.-based Umarex USA has received one complaint of the gun firing while the safety was engaged. There have been no reported injuries in connection to the defect.

The pistols affected by the recall are black and measure 18 inches long by 7 inches tall. The Browning logo and “800 Mag” appear on the top of the pistol’s barrel block. They were sold nationwide from July 2006 through February 2008 in gun shops and sporting goods stores for about $180.

Owners of the recalled air pistol are urged to stop using it immediately, make sure it is unloaded, and contact Umarex USA to arrange a free repair of the gun. When the repair is complete, a “P” will be engraved by Umarex USA on the left side of the receiver, forward of the plastic end cap.

Until the air pistol is repaired, owners are reminded to safely store the gun unloaded and in an open or uncocked state.

I hope that no one has been injured by this air pistol firing unexpectedly. As a Fresno personal injury attorney, I encourage all gun owners to practice basic safety habits including safely storing firearms under lock.

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