Safety Tips for Driving After a Hurricane (Part 1)

Posted on August 31, 2011

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, safety experts recommend that people proceed cautiously as they venture out after a hurricane.

Being a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I know how important it is to exercise caution when driving after a storm. Here are some important driving safety tips to keep in mind after inclement weather:

Avoid starting a wet engine: Starting a car that has been parked in a flooded area or that has stalled in deep water may cause serious engine damage.

Keep brakes dry: Wet brakes may need longer to slow a vehicle. After driving through a large puddle, gently apply the break pedal to dry the brakes off.

Try not to drive through standing water: After a hurricane, what looks like a harmless puddle may actually be a water-filled pot hole or a cover for debris that can damage tires.

Contact your insurance company: If the storm damaged your vehicle, be sure to get in contact with your insurance company. In order to help with the processing of your claim, take pictures of the damage as well as the vehicle in the environment in which it was damaged.

As a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, I have witnessed people rebuilding their lives after loss. My heartfelt support goes out to those dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

For more post-hurricane driving safety tips, keep an eye out for future blog posts.

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