Peterbilt Dealers Urge Trucker Safety With Seatbelt Campaign

Posted on August 16, 2011

Several Peterbilt dealers are getting behind the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety campaign “Buckle Up In Your Truck” by offering safety tools and discounts on service to truckers, report news outlets.

The four Midwestern dealers, three in Iowa and one in Nebraska, are delivering the message to be safe by buckling up through two initiatives. The first involves a discount on service. Once a service visit is complete, technicians attach to the lever of the turn signal a card with a safety message urging drivers to buckle up. The card also includes a coupon for $25 off the next service to drivers to return to the dealer safely.

The second initiative addresses driver concerns about the seatbelt jamming during an accident and trapping them inside the truck. Peterbilt is offering to qualifying customers a free seatbelt cutter. The cutter is similar to a large envelope slicer and attaches to a sun visor for easy access in an emergency.

Peterbilt is touting its safety push with the slogan, “Even in a big truck, be safe and buckle up!”

I encourage all motorists to stay safe by buckling up. As a Fresno personal injury lawyer, I urge drivers to exercise basic safety practices including wearing a seatbelt and reminding passengers to do the same.

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