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Case Synopsis:

Attorneys Brian Panish and Spencer Lucas represented Marina Rivas in a personal injury case arising from an accident in which a J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. truck driver ran a red light, hit Ms. Rivas’ car and then fled from the scene of the accident, leaving Ms. Rivas catastrophically injured.

As Ms. Rivas was legally entering the intersection of Paramount Boulevard and Telegraph Road in Pico Rivera, she was hit by a 30,000-pound tractor-trailer driven by a J.B. Hunt employee who entered the intersection on a red light. The truck hit the driver’s side of Ms. Rivas’ car, destroying the left side of her vehicle and pushing it through the intersection with such force that it left the roadway and slammed into a pole.

Incredibly, the J.B. Hunt driver fled the scene, making no attempt to report the incident or to render any type of emergency care to Ms. Rivas.

After being extracted from her vehicle, Ms. Rivas was taken to the hospital where her diagnoses included subarachnoid hemorrhage, concussion, and retrograde amnesia. She continues to suffer from serious cognitive impairments and chronic physical pain.

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